Rays LHP Jake McGee is working on an answer to the complaints that he can't be effective throwing only a fastball. Two answers, actually. McGee is throwing a curveball and a changeup this spring, with plans to incorporate both into what now could be an intriguing three-pitch arsenal. "Hitters will have more to think about," McGee said. McGee threw a career-high 92.4 percent fastballs last season, per fangraphs.com, mixing in a somewhat ineffective slider/cutter hybrid. The curveball was part of his repertoire when he was a starter in the minors, and he believes it should be a more effective complement with the greater speed differential. "I've been able to throw it for strikes decently," he said. "It's something where it's going to look like it's going to be a strike and then be in the dirt." The changeup, which he also used to throw more often, will be used vs. right-handed hitters.