It’s been addition by subtraction for Rams quarterback Jared Goff this season. Mostly gone are the unsteady feet, the throws into double coverage and the time spent chasing down defensive backs. Goff has been nearly flawless. He has attempted 117 passes with only one interception, and that miscue came during a late, desperation drive against Washington. Among quarterbacks with more than 100 attempts, only Drew Brees and Alex Smith have yet to throw an interception this season. A massive test will come Sunday, when Goff and the Rams face an opportunistic, aggressive Seattle defense at the Coliseum. To date, Goff has done a superb job of putting the ball in safe, smart spots. “That’s been a big key,” Coach Sean McVay said, “being able to quickly get (the ball) out and playing within the timing and rhythm of the plays. That’s where you see he’s finding completions. We’re not taking a lot of negative plays, and that’s going to be a good recipe for playing at a high level at the position.” The Rams are only one-quarter of the way through the season, so breathless comparisons would be ridiculous, but history shows just how good Goff’s start has been through four games. Goff has thrown seven touchdowns and the lone interception. If that somehow held up through 12 more games, it would be the eighth-best single-season ratio in NFL history. New England’s Tom Brady set the record last season when he threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions. In league history, only eight quarterbacks have had a single-season ratio better than 5 to 1. That list includes Goff’s draft classmate, Dak Prescott, who had 23 touchdowns and four interceptions in 2016.