Derek Carr believes the fact that the Raiders haven’t jumped head-long into free agency says a lot about the franchise. General manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Jack Del Rio haven’t signed a player while watching five of their own free agents leave for other teams. “I think for so long, our fans were looking forward to free agency,” Carr said on the Raiders flagship station 95.7 The Game Friday. “They were champing at the bit all the way up until probably until this year. `Man, who can we add this time? Who’s the next piece? Can we get this guy?’ “Now, Reggie and our front office and coach Del Rio has done such a good job of adding talent through the draft and free agency up until this year that we have a solid team. We’re in a spot where the front office can take care of their own and those kinds of things. “As exciting as free agency is, if you don’t have to be heavily involved I think it’s a good thing for the organization.” One of those players who needs to be taken care of is Carr, who is entering the final year of his contract and in line for a big-money extension, the price of which goes up every time someone like Mike Glennon signs a three-year contract for $45 million with the Chicago Bears.