Akok Akok, a tall forward who combines shot-blocking and perimeter shooting abilities, has announced he will enroll at UConn, a school that had been pursuing him for two years.

Akok withdrew from Putnam Science, where he had been playing as a postgrad, on Nov. 24, developing a plan to take his SATs and then begin college for the spring semester. He chose UConn, where he had seemed to be learning, though there is no basketball scholarship available right now. Details will have to be worked out for the short-term. He will be able to go on scholarship and play next season.

Akok, pronounced ah-Cook ah-Cook, is 6-foot-9 and wiry. He was born in Sudan, but moved to Manchester, N.H. with his family as a toddler. He did not begin playing basketball seriously until he was in middle school, and came to Putnam Science Academy as a sophomore.