Padres star Wil Myers has approved a potential move to the outfield in case San Diego signs free-agent star Eric Hosmer, the latest sign the Padres consider themselves a serious player for Hosmer. Myers was recently called by Padres, team sources say, and he didn’t hesitate; the highest paid player in team history will not stand in the way for more Padres progress. The Padres have been among the prime pursuers of Hosmer, but folks have understandably questioned the seriousness of their pursuit in light of their lack of a history of big-time contracts. Myers’ $83 million deal is by far the biggest in Padres history, and theoretically Hosmer could get double that, or more. None of the big free-agent stars have signed yet. But word is the market for the top position players is moving faster than it is for the top starting pitchers. The incumbent Royals have made no secret of the fact they’d like to keep Hosmer. The Red Sox and Cardinals are among other teams seen as potential landing spots for Hosmer, with the Angels, Mariners, Phillies, Mets, Rangers or possibly Rockies among other teams looking at their first-base situations.