When the Houston Astros clinched their first baseball championship on Nov. 1, it was supposed to be a source of pride for the roster of local companies that helped build The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, the team’s $152 million spring training complex that opened in February. Instead, it was met with indifference and resentment because of a festering dispute over millions of dollars in unpaid bills and allegations of shoddy work. The main fight involves complaints by the teams that share the ballpark, the Astros and Washington Nationals, about problems with payments by the project’s general contractors, led by Hunt Construction Group. Caught in the middle are more than a dozen subcontractors who say they are still waiting to be paid for work performed as long as a year ago — from the initial land-clearing on the 160-acre site south of 45th Street in West Palm Beach to the concrete, electrical work and plumbing in the stadium and clubhouses to the landscaping all around it.