Connor McDavid, the bright, young face of the NHL's future, lathered on bronzer and plopped that familiar combover toupée on top of his head. The attention to detail was decent enough, complete with a pin of the American flag on his lapel and a slim red tie. It's one of the better Donald Trump get-ups we've seen this Halloween. Collectively, the hockey world cringed. Nothing to see here. Just a Good Canadian Boy posing as the most controversial figure in North America for a fun night out with his girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, whose Melania Trump costume turned out even better than McDavid's Trump. What could go wrong? Well, after Kyle shared the photo of her and McDavid to her Instagram account Monday afternoon, the reactions on social media were about as polarizing as the president himself. Some were amused, seeing it as an obvious gag carried out in the free-expression spirit of Halloween. Others, more critical.