Inside linebacker Mason Foster said he met with Redskins President Bruce Allen, Senior Vice President of Football Operations-General Counsel Eric Schaffer and other members of front office Saturday to resolve concerns over the handling of his season-ending shoulder injury that he indirectly expressed on Twitter. Foster aired out thinly veiled tweets directed toward Washington’s front office starting Friday night, the same day Redskins Coach Jay Gruden announced that the veteran linebacker had elected to have surgery on a torn labrum in his right shoulder and would be placed on injured reserve. Foster, 28, continued to tweet into the early hours of Saturday morning, and they were still up late Saturday morning. “We pretty much just hashed it out,” Foster said in a phone interview about his discussion with team brass. “Everybody just said how they was feeling. What did this, what did that. Sitting down face-to-face went well. We was able to telling how we were feeling and what was bothering, what was the problem. We handled that internally, and it went well.” Foster said he was in a “dark place” on Friday. It’s the first time Foster, in his seventh season, had been placed on injury reserve. He also said this will be the first time he’ll need to undergo surgery because of an injury.