New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore has quickly established himself as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, but his impact extends beyond his tight coverage. Through nine games and even though he has missed one, Lattimore leads the Saints with 31 solo tackles, a surprising number considering how rarely opposing quarterbacks target him. He also hasn't missed a tackle this season, a claim he could also make for his final season at Ohio State. "I just like tackling," Lattimore said. Linebackers typically lead teams in tackling, and in total tackles, middle linebacker A.J. Klein is atop the chart for the Saints with 41, while Lattimore is fifth with 36. But, Lattimore's ability to bring guys down in one-on-one situations without support is one of the many reasons the Saints defense has thrived during the current seven-game win streak. Last Sunday's game against the Bills provided a perfect example of Lattimore's tackling ability. On the opening drive, Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin caught a pass, and Lattimore tackled him immediately, holding the 6-foot-5 Benjamin to a 9-yard gain and forcing a third down. It was the only catch Lattimore allowed all game.