Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said there’s a fine line between being really good and the disappointment his team has become. That didn’t go over well with fans – they believe it’s a cavern -- but Del Rio isn’t altogether wrong. The Raiders have consistently made small mistakes that, when combined over four quarters, have produced some ugly football. The biggest problem is that it isn’t one thing easily circled and corrected. It’s a death from a thousand paper cuts. “That’s the difference between winning and losing -- the execution of basic plays,” Del Rio said. “You get a design to get a guy free. The guy runs the right route. The quarterback throws the ball on time. It all works together. The line obviously has to give him time to get that done. All those things happen, and then you have a successful play. "Any one of those things can throw it off. We basically have taken turns with how that is or what that is that’s caused that. The bottom line is execution. That’s why when you ask me, there’s a lot of occasions to what I feel is like trying to defend from blaming. Things like that, a little bit here and a little bit there adds up to inefficient play and performance.” These detail-oriented issues were a problem never fixed, and ultimately colored this team inconsistent.