LeBron James doesn't turn his phone on or watch much television during the playoffs, but he heard about the growing criticism he received for not being able to finish Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of severe cramps in his legs. James said that sort of backlash after an injury is part of a burden he's become used to. "I know I'm the easiest target that we have in sports, I'm aware of it," James said in an interview with ESPN's Michael Wilbon on Friday. "I really am. I believe it." A high-profile athlete since he came into the league in 2003 straight from high school, James has gotten used to an increased load of criticism after his free agent move to the Miami Heat in 2010 and his poor overall showing in the 2011 Finals. Despite winning titles the past two years, James has come to terms that most of his moves will be subject to various levels of criticism because it has become popular to do so, especially on social media. Not being able to finish the Heat's 110-95 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday and being carried off the court turned into an open season of sorts on James and his ability to play through pain.