Lakers president Magic Johnson addressed the franchise's recent trade deadline fallout after Anthony Davis trade rumors with the Pelicans didn't come to fruition. 

Johnson said it was simply "part of business" and that he is going to work to keep his team focused on the end goal of making it to the playoffs. 

"It's a part of business, it's a part of being a professional athlete," Johnson said Saturday. "I'm going to hug 'em and tell them that we got to come together and our goal is still in reach, which is to make the playoffs.

“I love our team. I love the guys,” Johnson said. “It’s a tough part of our business whether you’re mentioned in trade talk, or you get traded. It’s a tough part of professional sports, but they came together and played great against Boston. My job is to make sure we stay together as a team and stay focused on the goal, which is to make the playoffs.”

Many of the Lakers players were mentioned as part of the trade talks before Thursday's deadline.