Before the NBA’s hiatus, the Los Angeles Lakers were poised to make a long playoff run. They were first in the West with a 49-14 record and were top five in both offensive and defensive rating.

Still, there are questions about what they can do come playoff time. Do they have enough to beat teams like the Clippers and Rockets? Can LeBron James continue to lead this team at 35-years-old?

With doubt creeping up and James getting older, the team is considering calling in some reinforcements. According to Sam Quinn of CBS Sports, the Lakers may consider trading for OKC’s Chris Paul this offseason.

Paul already played for one Los Angeles team. He was viewed by many as a safety star for the other. But the Lakers traded for Anthony Davis and spent their cap space elsewhere, while the Clippers emptied their vault for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. By the time both were done, they couldn’t even make a trade work under the cap. Now? A trade is at least possible for one. It’s downright tempting for the other.