With a 111-103 loss at home to the Wizards on Christmas Day, the Celtics are on a 5-6 run over their last 11 games, a drop into mediocrity from the 16-game winning streak that had Boston talking title during the first quarter of the NBA season. As the Cavaliers (24-10) have found their groove and are expecting Isaiah Thomas on the court soon, and the Raptors are still sporting single-digit losses (23-8), pro basketball observers are starting to doubt the Celtics’ (27-10) long-term prospects. Kyrie Irving, though, wants to ease the minds of Celtics fans. Asked whether the loss to Washington was one of the most disappointing of the season, Irving responded, "I don't know, man. Come on, man. Is that because it was Christmas?" "You been watching our games?," Irving asked of the reporter. "It happens." Pressed about what has changed from the team that won 16 in a row, Irving said, "I just want to be clear, guys, I know this is gonna come with a lot of questions about the difference in our team and stuff like that, but to clear it all up, we'll be fine. Things happen within an NBA season where you have to collect yourself, and as professionals, it's our job."