Kevin Martin will be perhaps the best shooting guard on the free agent market this summer. Yet there is a growing sentiment that the Thunder might not need to re-sign him to continue contending. On more than one occasion this season, Martin has stated his preference to return. But the decision might ultimately come down to money. In a Q&A with The Oklahoman, Martin discussed the things that are important to him and how he envisions his first taste of unrestricted free agency playing out. Q: When the time comes, what's going to go into your decision of where to sign this summer? A: I don't know. I can have a perception of what's going to go into it, but this is going to be my first time doing it. My perception would be happiness and a good fit basketball-wise. I'm in a situation that after nine years I don't have to chase money. So I think that part goes into a lot of guys' minds when it happens. But for me, I found a new happiness here when I got traded here. It feels like a good fit. But we'll see when it comes around. After nearly a full season here, are you still as happy as when you arrived? Oh, most definitely. And a lot of that goes beyond basketball. To me, basketball's the easy part. It's how the organization is ran, how the community is, just interacting with the players the past five months that I've been here. It's honestly one of the greatest basketball experiences I've had in my career. I've been on one of the worst teams record-wise, and now I'm on one of the best. I've been a focal point of the offense and now I'm like the third option.