John Wall has been out the last three games for the Wizards and expects to be out for at least another week as he tries to recover from knee pain he said was so bad he could "barely walk." Wall, a player who relies heavily on his speed and quickness, had played through the pain in his knee for a good part of the season before he simply couldn't anymore. He also was dealing with other aches and pains including in his shoulder and ankle, but the knee was simply something he could not overcome. “I tried to get through it as much as I could but then you have to take care of it and think of the long term instead of the short term,” Wall told reporters Friday, via the Washington Post. “It’s me thinking I also have a lot of career left in me. … I’ve proved my point now, so me missing a little bit of time ain’t going to do too much.” The 27-year-old started to see problems with the knee Nov. 7 and eventually had to make the decision to take some rest Nov. 22.