Joe says he didn’t know. Apparently, his stat-laden binder doesn’t have a section with strikeout streaks. In the seventh inning of the Yankees’ 13-4 victory over the Tigers on Tuesday night, Joe Girardi pinch-hit for Aaron Judge, meaning the 25-year-old rookie’s MLB-record strikeout streak would end at 37 consecutive games. “I mean, I wouldn’t even have known about it if you hadn’t told me, so I don’t look at those things,” Girardi said. The streak lasted from July 8 to Aug. 22. In four at-bats Tuesday, Judge posted an RBI single and three walks. “So he doesn’t have to talk about it, I think it’s a good thing that it’s over, yeah,” Girardi said. “But it was just getting him off his feet.” Girardi pointed his decision at giving Judge some added rest. He may DH him this week.