A video from the NBA's official partner in China that was supposed to celebrate Chinese New Year is now mired in controversy, following the discovery of Sixers guard JJ Redick using what appears to be a racial slur in the video. The available clip shows a deep cast of NBA players and coaches — including Houston's Chris Paul, Miami's Goran Dragic, and Sixers legend Allen Iverson — sending their best wishes to the league's Chinese fan base as it celebrates the country's yearly festival. China is home to one of the NBA's largest, most rabid fanbases, and the league has worked on celebrating that connection ever since Chinese star Yao Ming sparked a new level of fandom back home in the mid-2000's. You'll notice this initial clip is absent an appearance from the Sixers' player in question. But in a later video attached to a YouTube-style reaction, a clip of Redick saying, "I just wanted to wish all the NBA c***k fans of China a very happy Chinese New Year," has since surfaced. Because the first video has Redick's appearance edited out, a lot of folks will argue over the level of intent or animosity in the clip. It seems unlikely, though certainly not impossible, that a player as smart as Redick would say such a thing knowing he was recording a message specifically for Chinese fans. Had the Chinese media who filmed the clip initially viewed what he did as a reflection of malice, it's likely the footage would have been released as a standalone almost immediately.