It’s four days from the start of training camp, and still no deals in sight for two of his top players.

You’d think that would either leave Kevin Cheveldayoff with a nervous twitch or a bad temper.

But the man who generally manages the Winnipeg Jets didn’t seem to have either as he leaned up against a brick wall for a chat with a reporter here in the home of the Belleville Senators, Ottawa’s AHL farm club.

We covered a fair amount of ground over an 11-minute one-on-one, including, of course, the mucky contract negotiations the Jets are stuck in with Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor.

As usual, asking about the actual talks is like spinning your wheels. So I tried to nudge Chevy along by asking about the deadline of training camp.

Or is it even a deadline?

“I would suspect that everybody wants to start the season,” he said. “That’s the motivation for everybody. The season is starting, training camp is training camp… and you hit the ground running.”

Of course, not everybody feels the pressure to get the rubber down in time for camp. Some (hello, William Nylander in Toronto) are even willing to miss a couple months of the regular season.

Others, like the Jets own Josh Morrissey last year, cause only a minor disruption and are behind the wheel after missing just a few days.

Trying to gauge Cheveldayoff’s level of optimism is pointless.