Jayson Werth said good morning and then asked me over to his locker. "Take a look at this," Werth said, taking a baseball card from a stack on a shelf. It appeared to be Werth's Topps card for 2014. Except... "Whose card do you think that is?" he asked. It's a picture that includes Werth pointing to something in the stands at Nationals Park — he's not sure what anymore. It's kind of neat, actually. But ... it could be anybody's card. "Thank you," Werth said. Ian Desmond on the left, Anthony Rendon in the middle and Werth on the right. Even the Washington Nationals' assistant trainer, Steve Gober, can be seen clearly. The only reason you'd know for sure it was Werth's card is because you know what Werth looks like. (Like Animal on "The Muppets.") The card happens to be captioned with Werth's name and position under his part of the picture, but that seems like happenstance. It's just so ... "Vague?" Werth said. Desmond likes the card so much, he keeps it taped by the nameplate in his locker as if it were his. "I actually saw this picture on a computer and didn’t realize it was a baseball card," Desmond said. "I put it in my locker the other day. We got ourselves a team baseball card." Desmond hasn't been much of a card collector during his life, but he's frequently aware of what his cards look like because his mom, Pattie Paradise, is always being hit up by neighbors and friends for autographed cards with her son's mug on them. "I would typically think that the guy in the middle of the card is the main subject," Desmond said. "But I’m pretty clear in there, Anthony’s pretty clear in there and the trainer in the back, he finally gets some glory and J.W’s ruining it. Steve Gober — this is his second year in the show. He’s got a card after his rookie season as a trainer." Werth isn't angry or anything, just perplexed and possibly a little disappointed. Hey, there's always the update. A nice, full-bearded shot would be great. Nobody else has to be there. Werth shouldn't have to share the next card.