While many assume that Kentucky freshman James Young is already set to put his name into the NBA Draft, his godfather insists that is not accurate. “If you go through all this, I think you have been through every emotion possible and I am sure Kentucky fans feel the same way. Then if you have player on the team, it is just magnified even more,” said Sean Mahone, Young’s godfather. “But I love all the tradition, and experiencing that run this team made was fantastic. “We feel blessed. Everybody wants to be part of the championship game experience. That means you might not be on the right end of the final game, but who wouldn’t rather be there with a chance than not even being in the game. Honestly for us, right now it has been such an emotional roller coaster ride and we are seeing so much through James’ eyes. We are not rushing to make any decisions.” Mahone gave an example to show how the family had been thinking national championship, not NBA draft. “I am not even certain what the deadline is for deciding. That shows how we are not fixated on the draft. That is just an innocent admission of where we are and what we have been thinking about,” Mahone said. “It’s just been chaos the last few weeks during this incredible run with a lot of late night worries and anxiety and then some great, great moments. That was our focus, not next year.” Young is projected a a mid-first round pick by most mock drafts but seems to be projected as a first-round choice in every mock draft after averaging 14.3 points and 4.2 rebounds per game for UK this year. He made 82 3-point shots — the second highest freshman total behind Brandon Knight’s 87. His 573 points were the sixth most by a UK freshman — ahead of Anthony Davis and two behind DeMarcus Cousins. “I’ve always said the worst time you can make a decision is when you are emotional,” Mahone said Friday. “We don’t want to rush anything. There is no sense of urgency right now to make any decision. “We are in a cool down period and just want to see where we are at and what will eventually be best for James. We will spend time as a family. He’s been in class this week and focusing on that. We will just try to evaluate and see what our best options will be. “There is a lot of stuff going around about James. All I’ll say is there are options and I am glad somebody might think James has achieved enough that he could maybe live out his dream. What a compliment to think somebody would like to pay you for doing what you enjoy. I hope we have those kind of options. It would be flattering. “But we have no complaints over anything from this year. He can come back to Kentucky and that would be great or if he is evaluated (by the NBA) and can do what he has dreamed about, that would be great.” Mahone has heard and seen reports about players not caring about academics or the national championship. He says both are untrue.