Jacob deGrom had that Cy Young look again Monday night.

The look that he would not be defeated. Wins have been so tough to come by for deGrom the past two years, with only 10 last season despite a 1.70 ERA. His masterpiece against the Diamondbacks moved his record to 9-8 as the Mets came away with the easy 3-1 victory at Citi Field.

This was one of those wins the Mets had to have and deGrom turned into a strikeout machine as the Diamondbacks continued to swing through his changeup.

“Just sheer determination,’’ Mickey Callaway said of deGrom’s will. “When I see him competing and you see it every start. And you see it every pitch. It never wavers and that’s what it takes. Even if they make a bad call, we make an error behind him, no matter what the situation is there is this look in his eyes that he is going to beat you.’’

DeGrom totaled 11 strikeouts. That marks the 41st time in his career he has hit double figures in strikeouts.