Let's start with the fact that none of us is a doctor. Well, I know I’m not a doctor, and I’m fairly certain no doctor would be offering his or her opinion about a medical issue he or she had not personally examined – at least not without having a PR person present them as “available to discuss” the matter with the media. Yeah, I get those pitches all the time. So how about we stop at the Michael Porter protectionism? In the last few days, Porter, at first, was the subject of leaks about the possibility that he might return to college basketball and the Missouri Tigers before the end of the 2017-18 season. Then, on Friday, he told reporters at Missouri "there is a good chance." All of that is subject to review and approval by actual physicians who actually shall examine his case and determine whether he is fit for practice and competition as he recovers from the surgery performed on his back in late November. The Tigers have seven games and three weeks remaining in the regular season, plus a week for the SEC tournament and then whatever postseason play they earn. So there is not a tremendous amount of time for someone who is not yet practicing to become physically prepared to compete at the Division I level.