Patrick Mahomes will be making his first career start against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and if you talk to his Chiefs teammates, it doesn’t take long to see that many of them cannot wait to brag about the rookie quarterback’s natural gifts. Take inside linebacker Derrick Johnson, for instance. Johnson is 35, a 13-year NFL veteran. He’s seen many quarterbacks suit up in red and gold over the years. But in the four months Mahomes has served as the Chiefs’ scout-team quarterback, Johnson has gotten a chance to experience, first-hand, some of the youngster’s special traits as he’s attempted to complete passes against the Chiefs’ first-string defense on a weekly basis. “He has a great knack for being very accurate in tough situations,” Johnson said. “It’s super rare. I haven’t seen many people like it. You don’t want to brag on a rookie too early, but he’s got something to him that’s different than any other quarterback.” That comment has less to do with Alex Smith, who Johnson supports 100 percent as Chiefs’ the starter, and more to do with the flashes Mahomes has shown as Smith’s apprentice. As the scout-team quarterback, Mahomes runs plays the first-string defense knows are coming. He also must try to complete throws, and give the defense a good look, while targeting less experienced players. Such drills are essentially set up for the defense to win and the scout-team quarterback to fail.