This is definitely not the answer. Former Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson is in a bit of a financial rut after he just recently lost his third home to foreclosure. BOSSIP has the details: “Wells Fargo sued the NBA great to foreclose on his Alpharetta, Ga. mansion last year, alleging he failed to make payments on his $1.7 million mortgage and went into default on the palatial spread, according to the bank’s paperwork. The bank contends that it gave Iverson a month to clear the debt, but he never managed to settle up, court records state. It’s not the first time Iverson has lost homes to the bank because of not paying. In 2013, another of Iverson’s Atlanta-area homes went into foreclosure after he’d purchased in 2009 for $4.5 million, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. And in 2011, Iverson lost a $3.8 million home with a built in spa in Colorado, where he was playing for the Denver Nuggets.” Iverson purchased the seven bedroom, eight bathroom home for $2,190,000 back in 2006.