Former Arizona Wildcats tight end and graduate transfer Trevor Wood verbally committed to Texas A&M via Twitter on Wednesday. Wood will join Kevin Sumlin's old team and play for first-year head coach Jimbo Fisher, who signed a 10-year, $75 million deal with the Aggies back in December. Wood notified the Star in January that he would be able to transfer without restrictions and that he wanted to go to a program that had better use of the tight end position so he will be eligible to play for the Aggies in the 2018 season. The decision to transfer was unrelated to the coaching change, but rather a chance for a "fresh start." “I was gonna leave regardless,” Wood said in January. “I haven’t had the career I was hoping or expecting to have here. I can’t say that’s on the coaches.” In his last season at the UA, Wood played tight end and dealt also long snapped in the middle of the season and played defensive end in the Foster Farms Bowl. When Wood initially got to Arizona, the offense scarcely used tight ends in the passing game, with the exception of last season with the surge of Bryce Wolma and Jamie Nunley. However, Wood told the Star he wanted to strictly play offense and find a pro-style system to play under in his final season of eligibility.