Rams players scattered in all directions following Thursday’s conclusion of the spring practice period known as organized team activities. The full squad doesn’t convene again until reporting day on July 24. But that doesn’t mean the players will be lying on the beach for the next 4 ½ weeks, or heading to Vegas. All have been given instructions on what is expected of them between now and the end of July. In fact, some players rehabbing injuries won’t get to leave St. Louis for a bit. “We have a number of players who are just not quite 100 percent who will be staying behind,” coach Jeff Fisher said. “They’ll be doing some rehab until they’re cleared. Those players themselves will get some time to go home, but they’ll have to come back.” As for the rest of the 90-man offseason roster? “The veterans and even the rookies for that matter that are leaving now that are healthy, yeah, they have a very, very specific (and individualized) training program that they’ve been given by our strength and conditioning staff,” Fisher said. Those who don’t follow their program won’t be able to hide it come late July, and they will be more susceptible to soft tissue issues — muscle pulls and tears — once training camp begins. Just as important, Fisher once again has given the team “the talk” before they embarked on summer break. The Cliff Notes version: Behave yourself. No arrests. No off-field issues. “We’ve had the discussion, yes,” Fisher said. “Last summer we were clean. We had a good summer last summer. We need to put two together — two in a row.” When it comes to football and specifically the depth chart, a fair amount of evaluation by the coaching staff has taken place during spring practices. “We rank them, and guys are moving around a little bit in the rankings,” Fisher said. “But that’s normal. That’s to be expected.” Obviously, a lot can change in training camp when the players put on the pads and once the preseason games are played.