After his latest injury, Adrian Clayborn was ready to retire. He suffered a torn biceps in the Falcons’ 36-20 win over Seattle in the divisional round of the playoffs Jan. 14. A one-time first-round pick, Clayborn’s career had been marred by two other season-ending injuries and that led to him being shunned by the team that drafted him. The injuries stunted his growth in the NFL and altered his trajectory toward stardom. All of the rehab and time on injured reserve had taken its toll. “I came to that point last year, but my wife, fiancée at the time, convinced me to give it one more shot,” Clayborn said while relaxing at his locker Thursday. ”It’s tough, but you have to put your head down and keep working.” Clayborn had to watch as the Falcons made quick work of Green Bay and then went onto the Super Bowl. He was going to retire. “I have no idea,” Clayborn said about what he’d do in retirement. “I was seeing red. I was pretty mad.” But he listened to Shannon, who he married in June.