In the moment, Eddie Jackson III didn't have the luxury of thinking about much. As he sprinted north through Soldier Field last Sunday, weaving his way to his second defensive touchdown in four possessions, the Bears rookie safety could hear only the breeze whistling through his helmet. "The only thing I'm thinking about is getting to that end zone," he says. "And don't get tackled by the quarterback." Near the Panthers' 43 yard line, Jackson juked Cam Newton, leaving the quarterback in a heap on his own sideline, like roadkill shoveled to the shoulder. And by the time Jackson crossed the goal line, he could feel the explosion he had ignited. Again. In the front row behind the north end zone, Jackson's older brother, Demar Dorsey, was in hysterics. "Another one!" Dorsey shouted, as he filmed a Snapchat video. "Another one! Another one! Another one! Another one! … He got two! He got two touchdowns y'all! He got two touchdowns y'all!" Back home in Florida, Jackson's parents, Eddie Jackson Jr. and Angelia Jackson, were astounded. "Honestly," Angelia says. "I couldn't even believe it." First, a 75-yard fumble return touchdown and now a 76-yard interception return score? For the first time in NFL history, the same defensive player had scored two touchdowns of 75 yards or longer. For Jackson's family, though, the moment meant much more — validation of the persistence he had shown in crossing a treacherous tightrope toward this NFL success.