Auston Matthews’ pre-Christmas break didn’t need to be extended. The Maple Leafs’ best player will be in the lineup on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers after missing six games with a concussion. “I just want to play hockey,” Matthews said with a smile after the Leafs’ morning skate. “So I don’t know what to expect as far as conditioning, it’s not totally going to be there.” “Hopefully throughout the first, second, third period, I just get better and better and just do what I do. I want to contribute in a number of different ways. Just play my game and have fun. “I feel ready and I feel good and I am excited to get back in there tonight.” Matthews said he would “keep it simple” and would not be “trying to dipsy-doodle guys.” Of course, what Matthews means by keeping it simple and what it means for most of the players in the National Hockey League are two different things.