The Miami Dolphins have a plan if they happen to retain wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Things get a bit murky however, if Landry departs, in the wake of the Dolphins granting Landry permission to seek a trade on Thursday. Recent franchise history suggests it will take two players, at least, to replace Landry’s 100 receptions per season. Worse, it doesn’t seem the Dolphins have such talent on their roster at either wide receiver or tight end. That could send Miami into the free-agent market for someone such as Tavon Austin, the Los Angeles Rams’ speedy wide receiver who the Rams want to trade or release, or it could send them searching in the early or middle rounds of the draft for help. Or it could prompt a trade. The Dolphins put the non-exclusive franchise tag, and its approximate $16 million salary, on Landry on Feb. 20, the first day they were allowed. Miami then granted Landry permission to seek a trade. But the trade market for Landry is a wait-and-see proposition. Perhaps Miami keeps Landry. The Dolphins are supposedly prepared to stomach his massive salary next season. Or, perhaps Miami acquires a wide receiver or tight end as part of a trade for Landry. Either, or both, could come in handy.