These are antsy times for your Atlanta Falcons, who began the season with a “Super Bowl hangover” ether draping them like a blanket only to lurch their way to a 3-2 start, and their pending rematch of the big game with the Patriots Sunday night does night does not loom comfortably. Asked Thursday about the pulse of the organization, head coach Dan Quinn verified what you might suspect. “I would say we’ve been a little bit on edge in a good way,” he said. The Falcons are not disputing this, but they’ll have you know the extra added angst around the team is not about meeting the team they were whipping 28-3 in the Super Bowl 51. You know, the game the Falcons lost 34-28 in overtime? It’s about losing consecutive games to the Pats’ partners in the AFC East, the Bills and the Dolphins. “Myself, I think just as a professional athlete, a professional anything, I think just as a competitor you hate losing,” said safety Ricardo Allen. “I’d have some edge on me if I lose at Rock, Paper, Scissors; I’m just that kind of guy.” As cornerback Desmond Trufant said, “We’re coming off two losses, so of course we’re trying to get back in the win column. We’re just locked in, focused, not to say we weren’t, but when you’re just trying to get back on track you’re more locked in.” This is not to say that the Falcons are bordering on any kind of a meltdown, although linebacker LaRoy Reynolds sure was jacked up as players took the field before practice Thursday, when he was screaming all kinds of indiscernible stuff and rattling teammates.