During Frank Reich’s first few days on the job, his ever-growing to-do list likely felt overwhelming. How could it not. All he had to do in his initial days as the Indianapolis Colts’ head coach was build a coaching staff, learn his new team, assess the roster and, oh, find a place to live. As it turned out, finding a house would prove the easiest of these tasks. The Reich family signed a contract on a beauty in the Meridian-Kessler area within a week. But just about everything else became a more drawn-out process. Nevertheless, Reich heeded some very specific advice from General Manager Chris Ballard. Concentrate, Ballard said, on what the team considered job No. 1: assembling a top-notch coaching staff. “I can’t overstate how important and how good that feels to be on the same page as (Ballard) and have that strong leadership, giving me the patience to work through the staff,” Reich said at this week's NFL Scouting Combine. (Ballard said,) ‘Don’t rush.’ That was his first thing. ‘Don’t rush. Make sure you get the guys you want.’ And that’s what we did. There was no shortcut. It’s long days. It’s eight, nine hours a day of interviewing people. So, that’s nine hours a day for 10 days where you’re not evaluating tape and doing other things. “But that staff piece was just critically important.” Reich completed his coaching hires earlier this week, and we’re starting to see a clearer picture of how he’ll operate as a new coach. Perhaps most notably is Reich’s comfort level with letting his coaches do what he hired them to do.