Cardinals starter and the winningest pitcher in the club's postseason history Chris Carpenter will join the club's front office in a role that is still in the process of being defined. Carpenter and general manager John Mozeliak had a meeting earlier this month to discuss a post-retirement role for the pitcher. Mozeliak announced this morning that they came to an agreement on a position, one that would not be in uniform. Carpenter is interested in learning about various aspects of the front office and could be involved in the scouting process, Mozeliak said. The details and the title of the job are being written by him now. Mozeliak called Carpenter "unofficially onboard." He referenced the i's that need dots and the t's that need crosses -- including a job title -- before Carpenter's next employment can be formally announced. Carpenter will have a role in spring training with the major-league club. He will not be in Jupiter, Fla., for the entire stretch. Mozeliak said that Carpenter will be enrolled in the spring program that the Cardinals have for many of their young scouts. Mozeliak envisions a way for Carpenter to get experience at several levels of scouting. That is similar to what former closer Ryan Franklin did before moving into a special assistant to the general manager role.