Three out of the four starters seem locked in for next season: Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum. Shooting guard and center are up in the air. Today, two CelticsBloggers will debate who plays at the 2.

Daniel Lubofsky: I’ll start by saying that it’s really difficult to get a read on which Josh Richardson the Celtics will be getting. He was on a very encouraging track as a surprise second-round pick with the Heat. Then he played on that mess of a 76ers team with negative spacing then contracted COVID-19 fairly early into his lone season in Dallas.

That being said, I do think his best work will come playing next to better players in the starting lineup. He put up a decent amount of points as a focal point of Miami’s offense during his last season in South Beach (16.6 a game) but he wasn’t efficient doing so, shooting 41.2 percent from the field.

Adam Taylor: I like Richardson, and think that he will be a valuable piece in the Celtics rotation. I also agree that he’s currently an unknown commodity (in terms of what version we’re getting), but I think the Celtics' biggest issue last year was the bench. Both offense and defense suffered when the second unit was on the floor, and by running Richardson with the second unit, he can get the touch’s he needs to be effective and provide the defense that unit needs.

For me, Nesmith makes sense to take the starting role. He’s under contract for longer and the minutes with higher-level players would force him to continue raising his game.