When it comes to the Cavaliers' big offseason pickup, Kyrie Irving is no different than anybody. "I have a great feeling," Irving said, wearing a sly smile. Irving was speaking about the new Cavs, the Cavs of LeBron James, Part II. "It's an exciting time, I can tell you that," Irving said from his basketball camp at Independence High School on Saturday morning. "Everything is happening." Obviously, a lot of that has to do with James -- the four-time NBA MVP and two-time champion who's returning to the Cavs after four years with the Miami Heat. James announced his decision to be a Cavalier again via a first-person account for Sports illustrated. The entire world was seemingly 50-50 on where he would land until that very moment. Irving indicated he was just as surprised, just as elated, as everyone else associated with the organization. "I was excited," Irving said. "You have to empathize with the guy. I think we all felt his emotions with his essay. ... I found out like everyone else found out." The addition of James, of course, wasn't the only big news for Irving this summer. He also made major news of his own, signing a five-year contract extension worth $90 million. "I'm glad we got it done," Irving said. "A couple days later, a guy decided to come back to Cleveland. The rest is history. Now, we'll let (general manager) David Griffin do his thing."