The Great Quarterback Debate can be put to rest. At least for this week, please? The Case vs. Teddy hysteria that has divided Vikings-land should be a non-talker after Sunday’s 24-7 dismantling of the Los Angeles Rams at U.S. Bank Stadium. Debating who should start at quarterback right now is a waste of time and just seems silly. Case Keenum not only is playing winning football, he’s scripting one of the best stories in the NFL after improving to 6-2 as a starter (7-2 if counting his win over the Chicago Bears in relief). Teddy Bridgewater’s return to competition will happen someday, and it will be emotional and inspiring. Until then, let’s all relax and enjoy this unexpected infusion that Keenum has provided the offense with his go-for-broke attitude. “It’s going to be hard to yank him out of there right now,” coach Mike Zimmer acknowledged. This shouldn’t be a conversation anymore. Keenum continues to look unflappable in the face of this unique situation. He’s handled constant questions about his job status with patience. He doesn’t appear bothered by Bridgewater’s presence over his shoulder or a popular public opinion that the team is waiting for him to fail to make a switch.