Troy Brouwer openly questioned Alexander Semin’s commitment to his craft Monday, suggesting that there were some nights last season where “you didn’t even know if he was going to come to the rink.” While Brouwer acknowledged that he didn’t always know what to expect from Semin during their one year as teammates, he also said that he expects a strong showing from Semin as the Russian sniper returns to Verizon Center for the time since last season. Semin signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes last summer and will face the Capitals Tuesday for the first of five meetings this season. “You do get pretty excited to play former teams,” Brouwer said. “It gives you something to get up for if you don't already have enough as it is. It is fun; it is an experience. I'm sure he'll get a warm welcome [Tuesday] when he is here… In that aspect he's going to enjoy probably coming back and playing.”