Some controversies are, admittedly, a creation of the media. But when it comes to the months-long story line about QB Josh Freeman and the doubts about his future with the Bucs, the story has been mostly perpetuated by, well, coach Greg Schiano. His admission last week that "Maybe I should just not say anything and then it wouldn't be an issue" confirms that even Schiano is aware of this fact. Multiple public statements by Schiano have raised questions about whether he sees Freeman — entering the final year of his rookie contract — as the team's long-term starter. Schiano has made a bit of a mess, creating an environment in which fans might begin calling for third-round pick Mike Glennon if Freeman has rough patches this season. Schiano even suggested recently that it's not out of the question that Glennon will win the starting job this year — though he has since backtracked significantly (at least the second time this offseason Schiano has had to walk back statements about Freeman). The laid-back Freeman doesn't appear disturbed by the talk. He and Schiano seem to be coexisting well, for now, so from that perspective, things are fine. But there are potential pitfalls down the road. When Freeman does experience the inevitable struggles that come over the course of a 16-game season, the questions from reporters and fans will immediately commence. And shortly thereafter, players could be asked to take sides, a definite Pandora's box. Even-keeled as Freeman might be, such a scenario might put additional pressure on the fifth-year player, which is unlikely to produce better results.