Miami Dolphins starting wide receiver Brian Hartline has an interesting perspective on Indiana Pacers star Paul George's gruesome leg injury suffered Friday during the U.S. national team's intrasquad scrimmage. Hartline knows what the NBA All-Star currently is going through, because Hartline suffered a nearly identical leg fracture while playing football during his senior year in high school. Hartline, 27, said he came back stronger and a better athlete after his broken leg and believes George will do the same. "I think so. Bones typically, when they break, they heal stronger," Hartline told Saturday after the Dolphins' scrimmage. "They calcify, they get even thicker and they become even stronger. So, to me, I felt like I got faster afterwards, because you do so much ankle mobility, so much calf work, you do so much strengthening that you usually don't do and take for granted. You go from being on top, to ground zero and you just rebuild back up. I feel like you get stronger." Hartline had 90-degree breaks to both his tibia and fibula during the first football game of his senior season in high school. According to Hartline, he went through a six-to-eight month rehab but was running again by January. Hartline later won two Ohio state championships the following spring for hurdling.