On Saturday afternoon as the Washington Wizards concluded a light practice inside the Golden One Center, Bradley Beal concentrated on making jumpers from his favorite spots on the floor. Teammates finished up and stowed away their low-top shoes, but Beal remained and was both the last player on the court and the last to board the charter bus. With unknown repercussions pending from his Friday night tussle with Warriors forward Draymond Green, Beal seemed as if he wanted to get in as much work as possible. Both Beal and Green were ejected from the game and by Saturday, league officials had interviewed multiple players for their roles in the scuffle. Although the NBA has yet to announce any additional punishments, after leaving the Sacramento Kings’ practice facility, Beal shared his honest prediction. “I’m expecting a suspension,” Beal said. “Because of our NBA and the entire situation of it. When you look at film, they’re going to think I purposely tried to hit [Green] in the face. The way it looks, they’re going to interpret it that way. So, I’m expecting it.” During the play, Beal and Green got tangled up near the Wizards’ basket. While boxing out, Beal appeared to make contact with Green’s head and the two began to grapple. If Beal’s guess is correct, he will miss Sunday’s game against the Kings, the final stop on the Wizards’ four-game Western Conference road trip. Backup shooting guard Jodie Meeks would likely replace Beal in the starting lineup.