Assuming the weather experts got it right, a steady and comfortable 63-degree, partly cloudy afternoon will be the conditions welcoming the Rams when they play the Giants at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. In other words, pretty darn near perfect given the location, time of year, and the far worse possibilities that could have confronted them. It’s not a big thing in the whole scheme of things. The Rams with the sixth-best rushing attack, seventh-best run defense and sound special teams are built to succeed in all weather conditions. But it is further proof of the charmed life they’ve inexplicably enjoyed over the last 10 months, the one that’s turned all their coaching and personnel decisions into towering home runs or screaming doubles off the wall and wrapped a protective shield around them to ward off major injuries. Call it lady luck or good fortune of the Football Gods looking over them, but the Rams under new coach Sean McVay have suddenly transformed themselves into an efficient outfit for which sound personnel decisions, insightful coaching and effective execution is accompanied by a particularly fortuitous sort of karma.