Blake Griffin was "shocked" to hear the Clippers traded him to the Pistons this week and the effects of his surprise were clear in his responses during Wednesday's introductory press conference in Detroit. "I want to play for an organization that wants me to play there and clearly this was an organization that wanted me to play here," Griffin said. "Being stuck in a no-trade clause, it was something that was brought up but it wasn't something that we actually went about obviously, so this is where I want to be, this is a place that wants me and that's the type of organization I want to play for." Griffin signed a five-year, $171 million deal before the season with the Clippers. When an organization forks out that kind of money for a player it usually means they want to hold on to said performer for a long time. When they don't attach a no-trade clause and then trade the same man less than a year into his contract, it's understandable that a player could see that as a slight to his play. Griffin clearly got the message: the Clippers didn't want him, but the Pistons really did. "I'm excited about a new opportunity," Griffin said. "Just to be able to sit with everybody in the organization so far, their excitement as well is re-energizing, and like I said, everybody so far has been unbelievably positive and unbelievably helpful and that's always nice when you make a change like this, it's always nice to have people that have your back like that." Griffin was the No. 1 overall pick in 2009. He knows no other organization than the Clippers and changed his game to fit today's NBA better. He went from a player who never shot the ball to one who shot better than 34 percent from 3-point range.