Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum says for the remainder of the season, including playoffs, he will continue to wear a protective splint on the left middle finger he fractured earlier this year. The small forward says his finger has since been virtually repaired and he mentioned he was even scheduled to remove it permanently next week. But due to a comfort level he’s developed with the splint, he has decided to keep it on during competition until the offseason surfaces. “I tried to practice with it but I kept second-guessing myself and I was thinking about it too much,” Batum told CSNNW.com. “I was focusing too hard on catching the ball right. It was messing with my mind so I figured I’ll play with it the rest of the way.” Batum, 25, suffered the fracture in an early January game against the Philadelphia 76ers in which the Trail Blazers lost. He was expected to wear the splint for six weeks. Batum reiterated that there’s no pain and added that the rehab process went as planned. Peace of mind was the ultimate factor in his decision.