Jon Gruden questioned what the city of Oakland would have when the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in an interview with Sports Illustrated, and the A's took notice. The Raiders will move to Vegas for the 2020 season and Gruden, hired as the team's head coach last month, said it was sad to see the team relocating. "What will they have once we go?" Gruden asked. The Athletics, who have won four World Series since moving to Oakland since 1968, were quick to answer that question by saying they're rooted in Oakland. Technically the franchise's roots are in Philadelphia, where the A's were for the first 54 years of their existence and won five World Series. The franchise relocated to Kansas City in 1955 to begin a 13-year stay before they moved west. While the team's roots go back to Philadelphia, Tuesday's message was clear — the A's are not abandoning Oakland.