In a market that will be the most-watched this summer and may contain many twists and turns to come, the Phillies and the Dodgers are said by one Orioles-connected person to be the most aggressive pursuers of superstar shortstop Manny Machado. Yet another Orioles-liked person agreed, but added the Diamondbacks, and maybe the Cubs, are also in close pursuit. There’s more than a month to go before the trade deadline, which should provide plenty of time for twists and turns. But for now, those four may be the leaders, in some order.
Of course, there are more than two or even four teams involved – there were said to be about nine serious suitors in winter, and there are new ones involved this time around – and folks expect anything that happens to unfold close to the July 31 trade deadline.
The Phillies, whose executives have very close links to Machado from their days in Baltimore and who are said to love the longtime Orioles star, have been seen as a prime player all along. The big question is whether they are willing to give up prime prospects when they are an up-and-comer, but yet to be firmly established as a legitimate World Series contender.