When Anthony Davis was getting set up for his walk-off interview with Lakers sideline reporter Mike Trudell after exploding for 32 points to lead his team to a 126-123 overtime victory over the Charlotte Hornets, he could barely catch his breath. Head clearly spinning, Davis had to lean down just to hear Trudell’s first question, an exertion that led him to quickly turn away to stifle a cough.

The seven-footer’s obvious struggle to simply catch his breath and focus led Trudell to ask him maybe the simplest query he’s ever thrown at a player in his years of doing postgame interviews.

“You good?” Trudell asked Davis.

Davis shook his head and smiled.

“No,” he replied.

But like he did on a night he was clearly determined to give the Lakers everything he had, to not allow them to lose, Davis soldiered on, saying that while his sprained thumb feels better, he had a hard time fighting through the nasty stomach bug he’s currently dealing with, an ailment that sidelined him against the Portland Trail Blazers when he couldn’t stop throwing up and had no energy (don’t worry, he’s tested negative for COVID-19).