If the Portland Trail Blazers hope to remain competitive during this stint with three of its players out with injuries, forward Nicolas Batum must have a huge part to play in that. It’s going to be hard to do, however, if he’s not feeling like himself. Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs is when Batum started to feel a little queasy. After the game it progressively got worse. “The next morning, the very next day, I had a terrible fever,” he told CSNNW.com. “I started to feel better before the Utah game (on Friday), but when the game started, the first three minutes going up and down, I wanted to throw up. I almost threw up in the game and that’s why I ran straight to the locker room during that timeout.” You can’t play in an NBA game under those conditions very effectively. The team is calling the small forward’s illness “gastroenteritis.” Batum says his symptoms are an upset stomach, fevers and dizziness. Though, he says he’s feeling much better. When he went to the locker room after playing 10 minutes on Friday, this is what occurred. “They took my blood pressure and I should have be around 125-130, but I was like at 98 or 100,” Batum said. “I had two IVs to help me get through. I was asked if I could play 10-12 more minutes and I believed I could that.” Batum returned to the game in the third quarter. His presence on the defensive end ignited the Trail Blazers in the fourth, as they were able to hold the Jazz to 21 fourth-quarter points. He only scored three points in the game but you could easily tell his team looked like a much more confident bunch with him on the floor.