Alex Cobb isn't ready to look ahead to the past just yet. Despite what he said to the cameras, Cobb was well aware that Saturday's start against the Red Sox most likely would be his last at the Trop in a Rays uniform. With two weeks still to play before the end of his final season before becoming a free agent and heading off for a big payday elsewhere, Cobb maintained it was too soon to start thinking of goodbyes. But with his last two starts lined up for games in Baltimore and New York before the Rays come home to finish up against the Orioles, Cobb's outing in Saturday's 3-1 loss to the Red Sox certainly had the look of a farewell performance. And a frustrating one at that. "If it is, man, it would be sad," Cobb said going in. "There's been a lot of memories in this building and through this organization. I don't really want to think about it yet. There is too much season left to go down that road yet. But it would be a tough thought if that's it." Cobb made his first major-league start at the Trop back in May 2011, and if Saturday's 58th under the tilted roof was his last, he went out in typical style, grinding to keep the Rays in the game despite another night of quiet bats and flashing his fiery competitiveness. Cobb's night ended in the sixth, as much from the two hits he allowed as two calls by home plate umpire Jeff Nelson, which Cobb strode toward the plate to dispute. He was flabbergasted by a balk call that sent Andrew Benintendi to second (and apparently was still stunned as he swiped third), then frustrated that strike three to Mookie Betts was called ball three, with Betts taking advantage by slapping the next pitch for an RBI single and later scoring.