Cardinals cleanup hitter Allen Craig said that he left St. Louis at the end of the season with a rehab schedule and confidence that his foot injury would not require surgery. It did need time to heal. Craig took a full month off of all activity at the end of the World Series to mend the torn ligaments in his foot that caused a Lisfranc injury and stole September from him. Craig was able to run well enough to return to the lineup for the World Series, but he missed the six weeks before the Fall Classic to recover from the injury. After the month break, Craig began a rehab program to strengthen the muscles in his foot and get him back up to speed in time for spring training. “I feel really good," he said this afternoon. "After the season, I took a month off just to rest up and heal. I started rehabbing and working out and conditioning after that. I’ve been doing that ever since, and it feels pretty good right now. I’ll be ready for spring training and ready for the season. I’m feeling good.”